2009 Conference Report

Change Agents Gather in Atlanta, GA USA to
Consider Culture Changing Strategies
February 6- 8th, 2009 - Atlanta

Change agents from 13 countries and 30 US states came together for the 2009 Church in the Workplace – Reclaim 7 Mountains of Culture International Conference. The purpose of the conference was to help men and women understand how Christian marketplace leaders can be catalysts to influence culture for Jesus Christ in 7 strategic cultural mountains where culture is shaped – whether it be the mountain of business, government, arts and entertainment, media, education, family, government or religion. One attendee wrote: “I believe it was the highlight of my Christian faith journey.  The Holy Spirit’s power was evident and real in each and every session that I attended.” There were 9 main sessions and 20 breakout sessions conducted during the conference that provided practical application for each of the attendees.

The conference was hosted by Os Hillman, president of Marketplace Leaders. Os is the author of several books on helping leaders impact culture. Os spoke about the need to return to a biblical worldview and provided disturbing statistics on the decline of the number of Christians who actually hold a biblical worldview, (less than 19% according to George Barna Research). He cited relativism (having no absolutes) as one of the leading reasons for the breakdown that is operating in culture today.

Lance Wallnau, a business coach and one of the key voices speaking on the 7 mountains strategy, challenged attendees to understand that culture is controlled by a very small number of people operating at the tops of the cultural mountains. “Culture is not influenced simply by winning more conversions,” he said. He equated the impact the gay rights movement has on culture and their ability to impact culture for their agenda by using media and arts and entertainment. Some believe that less than 1-3% of the culture actually lives a gay lifestyle, yet they have great influence over the culture.

Larry Poland, president of Master Media,cited examples of how we are making progress in impacting Hollywood for Christ. He challenged the Church to begin using the same strategy as Jesus to impact culture, which does not include boycotts and shame-based tactics, but a relationship-based process of serving the needs of leaders in Hollywood. “When you change a person’s heart, you often change the product they produce,” he stated.

Doug Spada, president of HisChurchatWork, challenged attendees to realize that the local church must operate from a place of stealth influence. Like the stealth bombers that often operate from below the radar, God has raised up His army to operate in the marketplace and the church daily. He provided an analogy of how aircraft carriers are designed to equip and launch those who go out to battle. So, too, must the local church do for its members.

Dr. Paul Hegstrom, founder and president of Life Skills International, challenged the attendees to understand how the health of the family is crucial to men and women in the marketplace being able to affect culture. Dr. Hegstrom is author of two books on understanding the wounds of early childhood. Dr. Hegstrom has done extensive work in the area of the brain and its influence on the way people think and behave. His sessions were some of the most thought-provoking sessions for the attendees. His training allows men and women who have experienced dysfunction in their lives to become whole again.

Johnny Enlow, pastor of Daystar Church and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, provided insight into the current economic and spiritual climate of our day. He compared our times to the times of Joseph, where Joseph was given a strategy for the economic solutions needed in his nation. Enlow believes God is raising up His Josephs to provide answers to the current economic crisis.

Attendees were challenged by Os Hillman in the closing of the conference to become sons versus slaves. “If we are going to scale the mountains of influence, we cannot affect the mountains as slaves to marketplace performance. We must see ourselves as sons of our Heavenly Father and operate from this place, which is often considered a place of weakness, but in reality, this is where we find our greatest strength – through our true identity in Him.”  We must envelop this challenge and walk forward to affect culture and affect change.  We must become Change Agents.  Together we can learn our calling, walk in our anointing, reclaim the mountains and change culture for Christ!

As we move forward into 2009, we want to encourage you and provide you with several "next steps" to help you on your path and to become equipped to live in these changing times and to know not only how to survive, but to see the opportunity this current time provides the Body of Christ.
Change Agent Next Steps

1. Listen to the video and audio messages of the event which are now available online. View the recordings list.

2. Plan to participate in our upcoming Change Agent Training Teleseminar series. View the list of upcoming Teleseminars, subscribe to our Teleseminar notification list. Over the next several months, we will be providing guidance and support through teleseminars, materials, coaching, and networking. 
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5. Join the Reclaim 7 Mountains Facebook group and read or post comments about the conference and connect with fellow Change Agents.
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God bless you!  We look forward to walking along side you in the coming months as we change the culture for Christ! 

For Christ in the Marketplace,

Os Hillman
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