2009 Conference Breakout Sessions

2009 Reclaim 7 Mountains Breakouts
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Laying a Foundation for Taking Mountains of Influence – Os Hillman, President, Marketplace Leaders and International Christian Chamber of Commerce USA
What are the requirements for a leader to be able to be used of God to influence a cultural mountain. What are the hindrances? What must you learn to be a leader God will use to influence culture? These and many more spiritual principles and practical strategies will be outlined in this session. You will be better equipped with the what and the how of a culture-changing lifestyle.

To attend Os Hillman’s 3 hour version of this session in our Pre-Conference Workshop, click here.



Leveraging the Massive Influence of the Church to Reach the Cultural Mountains – Doug Spada, President, HisChurchatWork


His Church At Work (HCAW) has been building Church Worklife Ministry for the last 7 years with unparalleled results. How do you impact the 7 Mountains with sustainable kingdom results?  WorkLife Ministry in your church takes more than curriculum and tools – it takes the right team, the right process, the right DNA.   Learn how leading churches across the nation are doing this with the WorkLife CoreMatrix process.  You will see actual video footage of transformation.  In this Workshop you will learn and experience steps you can take no matter your position and role. To attend Doug Spada’s 3 hour version of this session in our Pre-Conference Workshop, click here.



Developing Your Personal Strategy for Influence -
Dr. Lance Wallnau, Lance learning, Inc.

Dr. Lance Wallnau is celebrating fifteen years of service to national and international leaders and business leaders as a consultant and personal coach. Lance is sought out as a resource for ministries, businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations. His workshops are in demand because he helps people find a track into personal and organizational transformation. The Lance Learning Group is the place where Dr. Lance Wallnau shares his lifetime research in the field of organizational and personal transformation. Lance regularly consults with leaders and ministry networks. Six times a year he conducts an intensive learning retreat called "The Great Connection Weekend" where participants learn how to connect with God, self, and others at a whole new level. Lance will share some of these principles during this breakout.



Establishing an Effective Prayer Strategy for Reclaiming Mountains
Bradley Stuart, President, Yada International and Fred Hartley, pastor, author and founder of the International College of Prayer


In this session you will learn three important things related to prayer:
1. Kingdom business and warfare - Seeing where the battle for business began and how it affects business people today in their everyday life.
 2. The importance of armor bearers - To be effective in doing what you called to do for the Kingdom you need to be under-girded in warfare prayer like Moses did in Exodus 17:12.

 3. How to work with armor bearers - It is important to see how to communicate with those under-girding you and to sensitively work with them in ways that move your business forward.


Bradley Stuart is our Church in the Workplace Conference Prayer Director and founder of Yada School of Intercession.  To attend Bradley Stuart's 3 hour version of this session in our Pre-Conference Workshop, click here.



Faith in Hollywood: How Christ is Influencing  Media, Arts and Entertainment – Bryan Hickox, Vice President, MasterMedia

Bryan Hickox will describe the spiritual current climate in Hollywood as it relates to faith and film and what God is doing in Hollywood today and how we might impact important mountain of influence in culture. You will learn what it takes to make it in Hollywood and how to impact it. Bryan Hickox is a motion picture and television executive, producer, director, and writer. As an independent Executive Producer, Producer and Director Mr. Hickox’s 70 movies have been nominated for 16 and won 7 national EMMY awards. In 1998 Mr. Hickox received the prestigeous Florida Motion Picture and Television Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Master Media is a nonprofit organization which provides professional consulting and personal counseling to media professionals.




Bonding in Marriage: Forerunner to Transformational Leadership –
Dr. Paul Hegstrom, President, LifeSkills International

“More than 95% of marriage problems can be rooted in what happens to a person before the age of 9,” says Dr. Paul Hegstrom. Have you ever wondered why some people almost act “childish” in their responses to situations? Have you ever wondered why you have conflicts with your spouse? Have you ever struggled with self-esteem or anger issues? Paul Hegstrom understands these issues. He is a former abusive husband who came out of a difficult childhood who is now helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Through his LifeSkills program, he has also helped many others who have faced challenges in marriage and personal crises. Paul and Judy Hegstrom's story was featured in the 1995 CBS movie Unforgivable: The Life Story of Paul Hegstrom,  which starred John Ritter.




Understanding The Spiritual Roots of the 7 Mountains –
Johnny Enlow, pastor and author, The Seven Mountain Prophecy

In order to reclaim a mountain, you must understand its spiritual roots. Johnny Enlow is the senior pastor of Daystar International Christian Fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a frequent speaker in Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries. The son of missionaries in Peru, he has been blessed with God’s favor in Central and South America to speak to high-level spiritual, economic, and political leaders—including several heads of state. He has seen doors of opportunity miraculously open before him when working with governmental leaders in the Latin American nations. Johnny is author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy.



You Can Transform a Nation. How Uganda and Four African Nations are being impacted through Marketplace Initiatives

Bishop Julius Oyet is a pastor and evangelist from Kampala, Uganda and is director of LifeLine Ministries. Julius has been instrument in working with the president of his nation and their leadership to bring an end to a 20-year tribal war that has been taking place in the northern area of Gulu, which is where he is from. Julus will share how the church community and the workplace and government is working together to change the spiritual climate of their city and nation. Julus was featured in the documentary by the Sentinel Group, An Unconventional War, which features an inspiring story of transformation taking place as a result of understanding the spiritual roots of a city and nation. He also oversees a network of 10,000 churches throughout Uganda.

Tom Stansbury is Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Regent University's Center for Entrepreneurship who is partnering with the International Christian Chamber of Commerce to establish a Business Academy School in four African nations: Burundi, Benin, Ruwanda and Liberia. Each of the president's from these nations have committed to establishing their nations with a biblical foundation. This unique partnership is already in progress. You will learn what is being done and how you can play a part.


Developing a Biblical World View: The Truth Project,
Marc Fey, Director of Community Impact Programs for Focus on the Family
Less than 19% of born-again Christian hold a biblical worldview. Because of this, today's believers live very similarly to non-believers. A personal sense of significance is rarely experienced, we spend our money and time on things that fail to satisfy and we begin to wonder what life's ultimate purpose really is. We are, in short, losing our bearings as a people and a nation.To counter this slide within the body of Christ, we are launching one of the most ambitious and powerful projects in the history of our ministry—Focus on the Family's The Truth Project. The Truth Project is a DVD-based small group curriculum comprised of 12 one-hour lessons taught by Dr. Del Tackett. This home study is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. Each lesson discusses in great detail the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life.
Marc Fey serves as senior director at Focus on the Family, overseeing Community Impact Outreach, to partner with and strengthen churches and communities toward the goal of community transformation. Previously, Marc led the launch of the ground-breaking
program, The Truth Project.™
The Formation of the Federal Reserve and Understanding Our Economic Times
Laura Kent
President, Cornerstone Capital Management, Inc. 
The Federal Reserve has a lot to do with our current economic challenges. Understanding its history and role today will help you better understand the signs of our times and how to navigate them.Laura Kent founded Cornerstone Capital Management, Inc. in 1994, and is its current President. She has been in the investment management business for 22 years, including twelve years with Kidder Peabody, Inc. prior to Cornerstone. Cornerstone is a registered investment adviser. Ms. Kent holds Masters degrees in Business from Stanford University, and Economics from Wayne State University; and a BA in Economics from Michigan State University.


Kingdom Economy versus the World Economy,
Paul Cuny, Marketplace Leadership International

Paul Cuny is President of MarketPlace Leadership International. Paul has had a career in business as an entrepreneur and business owner and is the author of Secrets of the Kingdom Economy. He is also on the Board of Directors of the ICCC-USA. Paul’s mission is “…to change the economies of nations” by being an ambassador for the economic system of the Kingdom of God. He has delivered the message of the Kingdom Economy in Africa, Central and South America, and around the U.S. He has spoken on international TV and radio about the subject of the Kingdom in the marketplace and the Kingdom Economy.

Paul will explain the seismic changes taking place in the economic systems of the world over the last 7 months from the biblical world view. He will help us understand that there are actually two kingdoms that exist simultaneously in our world today. These two kingdoms are polar opposites with distinct systems of economics and governance. These systems produce tangible effects on the citizens of each kingdom. Each kingdom has distinctly different world views that are expressed in our behavior in the marketplace. Paul will give us a prophetic overview of what is taking place today, explain the contrast between each economic system and show how to position yourself to receive God’s wisdom, insight and creativity in every area of your life, including the marketplace, for the days ahead.
Developing a Strategic Plan to Take Cultural Mountains
See Lok Ting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
OK. We understand the mission, but let's get practical. This session will help you develop measureable plans to take your mountain. See Lok is a systems specialist and comes from a background in the oil industry, working with Shell Oil. See Lok is an intercessory and marketplace change agent in his nation of Malayia. He will show you how to combine intercession, planning, and tactical implementation to take your mountain. Os Hillman and See Lok have been longtime friends and Os conducted a week long series of meetings on how to impact Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the 7 mountains intiative this past summer. This was his fourth visit to Malaysia hosted by See Lok. See Lok has developed proven models that are working. His session will help you put feet to your vision.

Employing the Next Generation Leader and Using Business to Support the Poor

In this session learn how Debbie Farah has leveraged a career in high fashion, design  and retail marketing to develop an international import/export  business that supports missions and employs mostly under 30 emerging  leaders. Ms Farah’s fascinating journey has included being brand manager for many of the top advertising agencies in the country and  has served as Creative Director for Neiman Marcus and other luxury brand retailers for over 20 years. Additionally, Ms Farah is Palestinian and shares how God has allowed her to overcome often held stigmas in business for women and minority races in American business.  Learn how this change agent is making a difference by combining fashion, design and missions and what we must understand about the next generation worker. Ms Farah is founder and CEO of Bajalia Trading Company based in Orlando.

How to fund your vision to impact mountains and acquiring a patent for your idea
You have an idea but do not know how to fund it. You have a product but do not know how to patent it. This session will answer both of these questions.
Panel: Bruce Cook, Kingdom Venture Partners, L.P.; Bill Hamm, Coriba Oil; Bud Butler, Smile for Jesus

Using the internet to impact your mountain - Understanding the current trends in web-based marketing
How can you maximize the use of the internet to impact your sphere of influence? These two men are specialists in the area of web-based marketing with companies that service fortune 500 companies and they have a Kingdom worldview.
Panel: Jai George, Fortune Interactive; Bob Regnerus, The Leads King.com

Community Transformation Models: Case studies of local communities in transformation
Can a community really be transformed. What are the ingredients for spiritual and physical transformation. Hear four case studies of communities that are in different phase of tranformation and how you can start the process in your community.
Panel: GA;  Os Hillman, PrayForsyth, Cumming, GA

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