2008 Church in the Workplace Conference - 7 Mountains

January 24 - 26, 2008 in Atlanta, GA
at the Westin Hotel Perimeter Center
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Three decades ago, two well-known Christian leaders, Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission, and Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade For Christ, were given a simultaneous supernatural message for each other. They both saw 7 strategic mountains, or "mind molders", that shape the culture of every nation. God told each of them to inform the other that if they could capture these strategic places, they would reap the harvest of nations. These 7 mountains of societal influence are...
When God called the people of Israel out of Egypt to form a new nation in the Promised Land, He told them that they would be the head, not the tail, if they obeyed the commands of the Lord. He told them to divide the land into 7 parts (Joshua 18:5). They would also have to displace 7 enemies that currently resided in the Promised Land. “This is how you will know that the living God is among you and that he will certainly drive out 7 enemies before you including the Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, Perizzites, Girgashites, Amorites, and the Jebusites (Joshua 3:10).
Have you noticed a pattern yet — 7 mountains, 7 parts of land, and 7 enemies that needed to be displaced? 7 is the perfect number in scripture. It is the number for completion. He made the world in six days and rested on the 7th.
The 2008 Church in the Workplace Conference will be focused on the 7 mountains that shape culture. This conference will be unlike any you've experienced because you will hear from people who are having an impact right now in each of these 7 areas and understand the role you can play in reclaiming these 7 mountains. 
And remember, we ARE the Church in the workplace!
The 2008 Church in the Workplace Conference will be held at the Westin Hotel Perimeter Center conveniently located less than 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta, GA. Newly renovated spacious meeting space and banquet facilities and a private lake make this an ideal location for our conference. Hotel Reservation details are below.
Who Should Attend?
This conference is for workplace believers and business leaders who want to know how to live out your calling by impacting your workplace, city, and nation for Jesus Christ. This conference is also for pastors and local church leaders who want to better equip the men and women you serve to reclaim the 7 mountains and shape the culture for Christ.
You will Learn:
  • An understanding of the spiritual roots of the 7 mountains and what needs to be addressed spiritually.
  • How the 7 mountains reached their current condition and what needs to be done to reclaim them.
  • How to effectively equip believers to reclaim mountains and case studies of local churches and workplace ministries that are engaging this effort.
  • Meet workplace ministry leaders and get the latest equipping resources and processes to help you focus on reclaiming the 7 mountains.
  • Effective church-based ministry models you can apply in your own local church.
  • Learn about those who are affecting their mountains in extraordinary ways.
  • Meet leaders in each of the 7 mountains who are making a difference.
  • How pastors/local church leaders and workplace leaders are working together to transform their communities. Actual models you can apply in your community.
  • And much more.
Comments from January 2007 Alumni
"Overall the conference was excellent! Plan for twice the amount of attenders next year, as this year I brought 2 people with me, next year it's be 5 or 6!"
"I have attended many conferences over the years and always leave with something the Lord has pocketed into my life directly or for me to share with others."

"But, I came away from this conference a different person....an adjusted mind set and a renewed spirit-set."
"I brought several men with me, who for the most part hadn't heard this information before, and they were blown away."
"The best conference that I have ever attended. Life changing."
"This was one of the most productive and spirit-filled ministry events I've attended in a long time."
"I came away from this conference a different person....an adjusted mind set and a renewed spirit-set."
“I really enjoyed it. I never even knew that this ministry existed. I got so much information - very valuable information - that I fully intend to use in developing this branch of ministry for my church.”
"So many received different 'dimensions' of what THEY needed from the Lord through the leaders the Lord had you bring in. For myself this was on a level of 'Life Changing.'"

General Session Speakers
Os Hillman is your host for the 2008 Church in the Workplace Conference. He is Founder and President of Marketplace Leaders, an organization whose purpose is to help men and women discover and fulfill God's unique purposes through their work and view their work as ministry. Os is an internationally-recognized speaker on the subject of faith at work, and has been featured on CNBC, NBC, LA Times, New York Times, and many other national media as a spokesman on faith at work. He has written ten books and a daily workplace email devotional called TGIF Today God Is First which is sent to over 120,000 recipients worldwide by email daily. He also developed and teaches The 9 to 5 Window Workshop.
HOW WE LOST THE 7 MOUNTAINS - Os will lay the foundation of why Christians are called to reclaim the 7 mountains as revealed in the book of Joshua.
Dr. Lance Wallnau is celebrating fifteen years of service to national and international leaders and business leaders as a consultant and personal coach. Lance is sought out as a resource for ministries, businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations. His workshops are in demand because he helps people find a track into personal and organizational transformation. The Lance Learning Group is the place where Dr. Lance Wallnau shares his lifetime research in the field of organizational and personal transformation. Lance regularly consults with leaders and ministry networks. Six times a year he conducts an intensive learning retreat called "The Great Connection Weekend" where participants learn how to connect with God, self, and others at a whole new level.
STRATEGIES TO RECLAIM THE 7 MOUNTAINS - Lance has developed template models related to the 7 Mountain Strategy and has a 5-CD audio series on this topic. He has consulted with the UN and high level business leaders on how to effectively reclaim the 7 mountains of society. Lance will present in multiple general sessions.
May-Lynn Chang is the Strategic Marketing Director for Walden  Media, the Hollywood film company that produced The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Charlottes Web, and Amazing Grace. After receiving her law degree, May-Lynn Chang worked as a Trust Officer at Wells Fargo Bank in California.  She then argued Medicare appeals on behalf of gravely disabled elderly and children for the commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Merging her passion for kingdom expansion and love of movies, she joined Walden Media in 2005 to help market the film Amazing Grace.  She continues to spearhead the film’s global grassroots campaign into international countries.   
Katherine Leary is the Director of the Center for Faith and Work for the 5,000 member Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. New York City is the center for several major societal mountains, especially Business, Media, and Arts&Entertainment, and Katherine's local church serves a large number of major financial movers and shakers. Katherine came to Redeemer in 2002 to establish the Center for Faith and Work and to develop effective ministries to help people nurture a meaningful integration between their faith and their professional work. Prior to this ministry role at Redeemer, Katherine served 20 years in the high tech industry. In California, she served as CEO of Pensare, Inc. – an online management education company, and CEO of One Touch Systems, Inc. – a hardware/software products company. Before that, she was President of Private Satellite Network – a satellite services company - in New York City. She also worked in various consulting, sales, and marketing roles, primarily in the technology sector. She became a Christian mid-career in NYC through the ministries of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.
Chuck Stetson is a Managing Director of PEI Funds, a private equity firm based in New York. He is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. He is the author of articles for Harvard Business Review, Pratt’s Guide to Venture Capital, and The Journal of Corporate Strategy. He created the Doubleday Pocket Bible Guide. His books, Creating the Better Hour: Lessons from William Wilberforce, and The British Abolitionists and Their Influence are due to be released in September 2007.
Chuck is also Chairman of The Wilberforce Project and Chairman of the Bible Literacy Project and co-Author of The Bible and Its Influence, a textbook which is being used in 82 school districts in 30 U.S. states in its first year and is being considered by over 1,000 public high schools. His textbook was the cover story of a recent TIME Magazine issue entitled "Why We Should Teach The Bible in Public School."
EDUCATION MOUNTAIN - Chuck will share from his experience in both government and education and his classroom textbook that is being embraced in public school systems across America.
Colin Ferreira is the CEO and owner of Ferreira Optical Ltd, a chain of 6 optical shops employing 155 people in the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. Colin has been a leader in marketplace ministry and has been instrumental in igniting nation transformation initiatives in his nation. He had a radio program in Trinidad on workplace ministry and launched the International Christian Chamber of Commerce for his nation. He is on the board of Marketplace Leaders and the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries.
FAMILY MOUNTAIN - One day, Colin came to realize his busy-ness had to stop for the sake of his family. This led to radical changes in his priorities, including moving with his wife and eight children to the United States in 2006. His story will inspire and challenge you as a leader and parent.


Dr. Lance Hurley is an ordained Minister and has a Doctorate from Phoenix University of Theology. He majored in History and minored in Speech and Drama at the University of Texas. He is a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps and the FBI offered him an appointment as a Special Agent.He has authored two books: "Endangered Documents" and "America's Christian Heritage: Fact or Fiction?" Lance and his wife Sharon have spoken at churches, schools, and conferences all over the nation, portraying the Washington's and the Patrick Henry's. Dr. Hurley has addressed both houses of the Arizona Legislature, has spoken at three state capitols on National Day of Prayer and has been featured several times on local TBN affiliates. Learn more about their ministry at www.hurleypatriot.org.
GOVERNMENT MOUNTAIN - A special lunch time presentation will be given by Mr. and Mrs. George Washington, the first president of the United States of America. You will be entertained, encourged, and even surprised by his faith, the challenges, and intent of the founding fathers' desires for this nation.
Conference Worship Leader
David Lawrence is a graduate of the Oral Robert’s University with a degree in Music Education, Theology, and minor in Psychology. David’s postgraduate studies include Business Management, Leadership Development, Audio and Video Recording, from Georgia State University, Jersey City State College, the International Worship Institute and Recording Institute of America. His unique and practical approach to teaching keyboard is productively developing a legacy of changing the way the world learns music.For over 25 years, David has been professionally conducting piano seminars, workshops, and Intensive Piano Training Schools throughout the United States, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and England.
Breakout Sessions
Breakout Sessions will be presented to provide *practical* strategies of implementation. You will be able to attend two from these listed below and others not listed yet.
Business/Religion Mountain
Kent Humphreys has served as President of Christ@Work/Fellowship of Companies for Christ since 2002. Prior to leading Christ@Work, Kent owned and operated Jack's Merchandising and Distribution for 25 years, serving major retailers in thirty states on general merchandise. He continues active ownership of four businesses in distribution, manufacturing, and real estate. Kent has written Lasting Investments and has just released Shepherding Horses, Understanding God's plan for Transforming Leaders.
Media Mountain
Linda Rios Brook has been in secular media most of her business career, managing network affiliate TV stations and owned and operated her own TV station. She is the author of Frontline Christians in a Bottom-Line World and Jesus for Adults. The title of this breakout session is "Carried Off to Babylon" and will look at how Christians lost their cultural influence in media and entertainment and what is at risk if it is not re-claimed.
Government Mountain
Ntiense Ubon-Israel, Nigeria,  International Christian Chamber of Commerce, Head Prayer domain. Learn how African nations desire to be re-established as Kingdom nations and how workplace leaders can be catalysts for transformation. A case study on four African nations will be presented on how to establish righteousness in governance in ungodly cultures. Learn about the role of the Church and marketplace ministries in this process.
 Bishop Julius Oyet is a pastor and evangelist from Kampala, Uganda and is director of LifeLine Ministries. Julius has been instrument in working with the president of his nation and their leadership to bring an end to a 20-year tribal war that has been taking place in the northern area of Gulu, which is where he is from. Julus will share how the church community and the workplace and government is working together to change the spiritual climate of their city and nation. Julus was featured in the documentary by the Sentinel Group, An Unconventional War, which features an inspiring story of transformation taking place as a result of understanding the spiritual roots of a city and nation. He also oversees a network of 10,000 churches throughout Uganda.
Religion Mountain/Local Church
Doug Spada is Founder of His Church at Work, Atlanta, GA. Pioneering the nation’s first church-based WorkLife Ministry in 2002 and subsequently serving churches throughout the USA through successful model development, Doug is known as the architect of Church WorkLife Ministry. He has authored several church Worklife frameworks including the latest “WorkLife CoreMatrix” that leading churches are using to grow impacting worklife ministry. His Church at Work provides years of research in addition to innovative coaching, discipleship technology and unique training to fuel documented community impact. A former Naval Nuclear Engineer in the US Submarine Force, Doug is also a successful entrepreneur with a degree in Business Organizational Management and led UtiliTech, Inc., a successful west coast energy consulting firm for a decade. Doug will lead a workshop on how churches can better equip their members to reclaim their mountains.
Family Mountain
Randy Hicks and Colin Ferreira will lead this breakout session on the strategies needed to reclaim the family. Randy Hicks is president of Georgia Family Council and is regularly in demand as a commentator on family issues for local and national media outlets. He carries his message of family revitalization to civic, business, and local church groups throughout Georgia and the nation. In addition, he is the publisher of all GFC research reports that have been featured in hundreds of news stories over the past four years. Prior to joining GFC, Randy served as a key player in creating and nurturing state-based family advocacy organizations in 11 states during his tenure at Focus on the Family.
Understanding The Spiritual Roots of the 7 Mountains
In order to reclaim a mountain, you must understand its spiritual roots. Johnny Enlow is the senior pastor of Daystar International Christian Fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a frequent speaker in Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries. The son of missionaries in Peru, he has been blessed with God’s favor in Central and South America to speak to high-level spiritual, economic, and political leaders—including several heads of state. He has seen doors of opportunity miraculously open before him when working with governmental leaders in the Latin American nations. Johnny has written a book on the 7 mountains that will be published in 2008.
Government Mountain
Community Transformation
The evidence of re-claiming the 7 mountains of society is often seen in impact to the local community. Coalitions made up of intercessors, workplace leaders, and pastors have been forming in cities across the nation. In this session, you will learn how to form a coalition in your city to change the spiritual climate in your community.You will hear from leaders who are doing it and hear about their successes and challenges.
How Workplace Leaders Can Be Catalysts toTransform their Community. Hear a Case Study of How a Workplace Leader in Florida is Impacting His Community.
Mel Ponder is a banker in Destin, Florida and co-founder of Destin's Week of Blessings, a three day event that culminates the last day by bringing area pastors together to personally pray for every business owner and their business. Find out how this annual event is impacting their community and how you might be a catalyst in your city. Mel is a former city councilman in Destin.
Business Mountain
Workplace Ministry Leaders Panel
We've convened a special panel of CEOs of national membership-based workplace ministries to reveal their strategies to re-claim the 7 mountains through their ministries.
Workplace Ministry Leader Panel Members:
1. Ralph Palmen, Pinnacle Forum
2. Robert Watkins, Kings & Priests
3. Kent Humphreys, Fellowship of Companies for Christ
4. Wendell Nordby, Businessmen's Fellowship
5. Bill Dalgetty,Christians in Commerce
6. Jim Garvin, Inernational Christian Chamber of Commerce USA
7. Bill Thomas, CIBN Workplace Ministries
Prayer Strategy for Reclaiming Each Mountain
Jacquie Tyre is the founding president of Kairos Transformation Ministries, a ministry committed to serving the Church in communities, cities, states, and nations to train, equip, mobilize, and encourage the ministry of persevering, strategic intercession, prophetic declarations, and apostolic initiatives in pursuit of a sustainable revival that will result in societal transformation. She serves as the state apostolic coordinator with the U.S. Global Apostolic Prayer Network and the National Day of Prayer in Georgia. She is the author of two prayer guides, “The Jabez Prayer Guide,” and “Ready for Revival: A 40-day heart journey toward the Fullness of Christ.” Jacquie and husband, Mike live in Lilburn with their 3 young adult sons.

Dr. Venessa Battle is the President of Women About God's Business Ministries, Inc a ministry with over 330 national and international intercessors. Dr. Battle has been the featured speakers at prayer conferences, retreats, advances, seminars, and revivals. She has ministered internationally in China, Burma, Bangkok, Ireland, Scotland, England and the Bahamas. Venessa has been instrumental in helping church leaders in developing administration plans, church growth plans, and ministry outreach plans. Dr. Battle currently holds a bachelor's degree in Christian Education, a master's in Christian Counseling, a doctoral degree in Theology from the International Bible College and Seminary and has completed a second doctorate of Ministry at the Wagner leadership Institute. Dr. Battle is also an Ordained Minister.

Developing Prayer for Your Business

In order to re-claim a mountain strategically, leaders must be in relationship with those that can undergird their work. How can a business owner set up intercessory prayer in his/her business and how does it work practically? In this session you will hear from a business leader and conference prayer director about how to set up a team of intercessors for your business.You will hear a case study on how one business owner established prayer in his business and how you might do the same. Bradley Stuart is founder of Yada School of Intercession. Bill Hamm is the CEO of a technology-based business in the oil and gas industry from Shreveport, LA.
Early Registration Ends November 15th
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Conference begins Thursday, January 24th at 7pm (registration is from 5pm to 6:45pm) and concludes Saturday, January 26th at 12 noon.
(Detailed schedule subject to change and will be included in your notebook.)
Individual: $299
Married Couples: $598, $475
Student (full-time): $199
Please Register At The Conference
Please Note: Special Women's one day event scheduled on January 23,24
in conjunction with main conference.
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