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Why I Pray for Hollywood

By Karen Covell
Why Hollywood needs our prayers

As a TV producer in the Hollywood Entertainment and as a Christian, when I first started pursuing my career in Hollywood, I found it very difficult to live out my faith and pursue my career without a body of solid believing friends around me. So, in 1983, 8 of us very young Christian professionals started praying together. That group became Premise and today, 29 years later, we still meet monthly to pray for one another and to intercede for the entertainment industry. We have grown to hundreds of Christian Hollywood creative professionals who see ourselves as marketplace ministers, sharing our faith, praying together, doing works of truth, beauty and grace and keeping our eyes on Jesus all along the way.

In 2001, I realized another need - the church outside of Hollywood had to stop misunderstanding and judging our community. I felt a passion to help the church understand what God was doing here and support the Christians in this mission field - the world's most influential mission field! Most of the "Church" at large hated Hollywood, boycotted it's films and kept young creative people away from this place. That's when I started The Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN). I felt the need to bridge the gap between the Church and Hollywood through prayer and to challenge Christians to invite God to come in do a miraculous work here!

HPN has three goals - to pray for the Christians here, as "Entertainment Missionaries" to pray for the non-believers as children of God who just don't know Him yet, and to encourage talented Christians to come to Hollywood to live out their lives as creative people who also love God. My husband, Jim, and I learned in our pre-marriage counseling over 28 years ago, that when you pray for someone you can't hate them. So, if I could encourage Christians to pray for Hollywood, the entire attitude coming out of the church toward the people who shape culture, would become one of love. Oh, what a dream.

Today HPN offers a monthly email that is sent to thousands of Christians around the world. We have our "I to I" Prayer Partnerships where we match an intercessor on the outside of Hollywood to pray for a Christian who is working in the entertainment industry. We have a monthly Kids and Teen prayer calendar where youth pastors and parents and especially young people, can download a new list of celebrities to pray for each month who are known on the shows they watch, the movies they go to and the music they're listening to. We have Local Chapters around the world where artists and/or prayer warriors from any city across the globe gather locally and pray for the media and entertainment industries in their part of the world or to pray corporately for Hollywood from wherever they are.

God is doing miraculous things in our mission field. We are seeing more people become Christians, we're seeing an incredible growth of committed Christians in our entertainment community and we're seeing more and more Christians outside of Hollywood catch the vision that Hollywood is not Sodom and Gomorrah, but Nineveh - and it is being redeemed. 

Karen Covell, Founding Director, Hollywood Prayer Network

Karen Covell is a television producer, Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN) and co-founder and producer for JC Productions, an independent television and music production company. Ms. Covell has had extensive experience producing TV specials, documentaries and children's programming; such as Coordinating Producer for the PAX special Changed Lives: Miracles of the Passion, as Associate Producer for Headliners & Legends with Matt Lauer, as Co-Producer for the television special America's Throwaway Children, starring Dennis Franz and Danny Glover and as Post-Production Producer for the animation company TMS Entertainment, Inc.. She has also produced documentaries DVDs for HPN entitled The Hollywood Crisis, The Hollywood Tribe and The Hollywood Community and directed a short doc. for "Go Public." She has written episodes of the TV Series The Incurables, created and produced the rock gospel music show pilot Good News Rock, and was Associate Producer with Shari Lewis for two of her Home Video series, One Minute Bedtime Stories and One Minute Bible Stories. Ms. Covell also has the honor of producing her sons' short films.

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Jesus Christ died for all

Sometimes we are so focused in our small spheres and forget everyone else died for. Thank you for the reminder to persevere in prayer and not to forget about you guys there. God bless you as you serve him faithfully in the thick of the battle. I salute you and the team

Thank You!

Thank you for this enlightening article and for the work you do for the Lord as a missionary in Hollywood. It never occurred to me that there was such a thing. May God continue to use you in a mighty way for the glory of His Kingdom,

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