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Is A & E really redefining cultural issues through the recent Duck Dynasty controversy?
Why Hollywood needs our prayers
An inspiring Olympic story of a mom who became a change agent
David Webster and Alan Hauge, two Hollywood film executives, discuss the challenges of working in Hollywood as funders and producers of films. A must listen to for those who raise funds for films and desire to work in the film industry.
Os Hillman, Ron Burhoff and team minister in Hollywood and experience much fruit.
It can get hot in the limelight. But, when real role models attract media attention, it's crucial they are surrounded with prayer. How can you pray for influencers like Tim Tebow who emerge into the spotlight?
Distribution is a nasty business filled with liars and thieves dressed in expensive pin stripped suits that feed off the unsuspecting film producer at every turn in the road. Like the jungle leach they suck every bit of strength from your project along with any profit that was rightfully yours. Welcome to Hollywood.
Christianity has become a sub-culture that is more known by what we don't like than what we believe. In the eyes of the secular world we have become a right wing political action group instead of a loving, caring Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our message has been shut out because of the way of the messenger. We still have the right message, but we have failed to deliver it in a manner consistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus modeled love and mercy and sought to change the hearts of people before He expected to see change in their behavior. Few people are attracted to Christ through a boycott.
The Passion of the Christ caused its own tipping point in Hollywood by breaking down a barrier that has existed a long time in Hollywood. That barrier involves Christian-themed movies produced by major studios. Mel Gibson had to fund and distribute the project himself. It was such a huge success that it caused a proliferation of Christian-themed movies to be released over the next several years. Movies such as Lord of Rings, Matrix Reloaded, Xman 2, Bruce Almighty, Narnia, Amazing Grace and The Silver Chair are just a few of the Christian-themed movies that have been box office hits.

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